Order a Box of Delicious Christmas Cookies from The Kid's Cookie Co!

❤️ About Us:

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm 7 years old. Me and my sister Caroline love baking and want to be entrepreneurs like my dad. 

As I soon as I told him I wanted to own a bakery he said, "I'll help you make a website!" (He gets super excited about stuff like this 😂) 

So we came up with a great way to sell our super delicious Christmas cookies:

The Kids Cookie Company!

 We make the most delicious cookies in the entire world and we are saving up so we can buy our own Power Wheel car!

🍪 Our Cookies

Our extra fresh cookies are made from a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, "tastes like Christmas morning" Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookie Recipe. 🤤

Each box comes with 8 cookies, dipped in melted white chocolate and candy coated in assorted Christmas  colored sprinkles...

😀 How to Order

To order a box of our soon to be world famous Christmas cookies, click below and place your order. 

We will hand deliver your cookies and drop them off on your front porch as soon as they're fresh out of the oven!